The Undelusionals


Ethan Seow

Ethan left NUS Medical School to understand delusions through psychology, sociology and philosophy.  Driven by his dedication to understand more on delusions, Ethan decided to developed his own model to explain this delusion issue.

In order to begin his model on delusion, he  had to start explaining how the human mind works, by merging multiple theories and studies. This was only achievable by experiencing first-hand of taking full responsibility and ownership of his life. Using himself as a guinea pig, Ethan begun his journey to find the solution to everyday delusions. With the team, Ethan and the rest decided it was time to share and impact society with what they have discovered and learnt. 

Join us on this journey to help people lose their delusions, to create a world where people are open-minded, generous and communicative

Reggie Koh

 Reggie's youth have been an intense roller coaster ride. He dived into various sectors such  entertainment, entrepreneurship, F&B, solo traveler and writing a book - #LivingLifeToTheFullest - which sums up his quarter life. Having fought depression alone, being socially broken and financially barren, Reggie receded into hiding in his room for a year. Now, with full comprehension of the importance of emotional awareness, comes his contributions to Undelusional. 

Reggie came back to Singapore from China, and met Ethan, who helped Reggie through even deeper traumas with his ideology and talk therapy. From that moment forth, Reggie believe that having emotional awareness is something the world needs. Hence, his dedication towards systematizing and propagating mental wellness for all.