How can Undelusional help me create all that just by buying a book?


The answer is we can’t.

We can't create all that just by having you read our book, BUT that’s where we start. We believe you want to start; or else you wouldn’t be reading this line right now.

In the book, we have models such as 3B1A4Ms and Conflict Revolution to help you create an RSTUV workplace.

Undelusionalis a solutions company dedicated to solving the psychosocial problems of today.

We create solutions to tackle various issues by disrupting norms that are not helpful to settle for, i.e. toxic workplaces.

In the area of employee engagement, we created a program coupled with aftercare sessions to help your team make your unique RSTUV vision a reality.

We believe everyone plays a part in creating this awesome environment we all deeply crave.

But before we delve deeper to discuss what Undelusional has to offer, get to know how we think. Read what we say, and put it to the test.

Here’s a chapter that contains one of the key concepts in our book, Conflict Revolution

In essence, Conflict Revolution is about harnessing the opportunity that conflicts bring, to create a deeper understanding between you and your coworkers, bringing you one step closer to an RSTUV workplace.