Are you being bullied or know someone who is the victim of bullying?


Undelusional has tied up with CABCY (LINK HERE) to work towards promoting awareness about the negative consequences of bullying through research as well as activities such as conferences, symposium, talks & workshops.

We raise awareness and equip people involved with relevant skills by working with MOE schools. We also partner with other like-minded international organisations like The Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence (LINK HERE) (FPYV) and Against Child Abuse (Macau) Association (ACAM) (LIKE HERE).

We believe bullying is pervasive in all areas of our life - whether it is at school or work. This makes it a global issue to be tackled.

We have designed separate experiential programs for corporates and children to address bullying in workplaces, schools and other communities.

50% of all profits generated go to CABCY to help students in need. Students who are being bullied receive case management and therapy services at the digital intervention center that Undelusional is currently building.


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